Best Friends Animal Society’s

National No More Homeless Pets Conference




In October 2014, Best Friends Animal Society hosted the National No More Homeless Pets conference in Las Vegas and I was fortunate to participate along with 1,700 other animal advocates from all around the world. This conference also marked Best Friend’s 30 year anniversary and it was a milestone to celebrate the wonderful work they do for animals. Thirty years ago, a group of animal advocates pioneered the no-kill movement at a time when more than 17 million homeless pets were dying each year in America’s shelters. Today, that number is at four million homeless dogs and cats who are killed each year across our country, simply because they don’t have homes.

At the National No More Homeless Pets Conference, I was fortunate to meet the original co-founders of Best Friends Animal Society and I shared with them how Best Friends was an inspiration of my animal rescue FUN-raiser, The Bow Wow Luau & The Cat’s Meow®. They wanted to learn more and I was invited to lunch with two of the original founders of Best Friends.It was such an honor and a privilege to be invited to lunch by co-founders of the animal rescue organization that I admire so much and has been such an inspiration to me!



After participating in the National No More Homeless Pets Conference, I volunteered to work with the animals at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah. At any given time, Best Friends is home to over 1,800 animals who have been abandoned, suffered injury, loss and/or trauma. This was also the home for over 22 of the most challenging former fighting dogs who were seized in the dog fighting bust of Michael Vick’s Bad Newz Kennels. These innocent dogs were taken to Best Friends, where for the first time in their lives, they were treated with love and respect and were given the fitting name of “Vicktory Dogs” to demonstrate that they could be rehabilitated, adopted into good families. I was fortunate to meet two of these former fighting dogs and they are now very sweet, gentle and loving. Thanks to Best Friends Animal Society, these innocent dogs all became victorious over their heartbreaking past.

After my participation in the Best Friends National No More Homeless Pets Conference and in visiting the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, I am even more inspired to help save homeless, abused and abandoned animals in my community and beyond! I would like to invite everyone to participate in this year’s The Bow Wow Luau & The Cat’s Meow® to help save the lives of dogs and cats in our community. If you can’t participate, please consider making a lifesaving donation to help save dogs and cats who desperately need your help.


We can all play a part in this lifesaving movement and, together we will all work towards our mutual goal and the mission of Best Friends Animal Society to “Save Them All”!

Best Friends Animal Society Co-Founders 

The Bow Wow Luau & The Cat’s Meow®

A Night of Hope for Homeless Dogs and Cats