Save Homeless and Abused

Dogs and Cats

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In Celebration Of:

  • Pets Who Have Made Recovery From Accident, Illness or Are Rescued

  • Pets Who Have Rescued New Families As Much Or More Than They Have Been Rescued

  • Pets Birthdays/People's Birthdays Who Want To Celebrate Their Pets

  • Pets Who Are Cherished As Part of The Family





Heidi’s Heavenly Friends

In Memory Of:


  • Donations Can be Made in Memory of Beloved Pets

In Memory of a Loved One

The Bow Wow Luau & The Cat’s Meow®

A Night of Hope for Homeless Dogs and Cats

The Bow Wow Luau & The Cat’s Meow® is an event run by Heidi's Hope For Homeless Animals, Inc., a North Carolina 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  Transforming Dog and Cat Lives From Homeless to Homes, One Dog/Cat at a Time.

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