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 About Heidi


Heidi Arnold was an adorable Cocker-Spaniel Pomeranian mix who was by her Mom’s side almost every day for over 17 years, giving unconditional love, companionship and absolute joy. Heidi was always a happy dog who sported a never-ending tail wag!


Heidi was a sports dog who loved playing soccer! She chased ball after ball, bouncing it off her head and then parading all the way home with the prized ball in her mouth. The little dog with the big soccer ball in her mouth trotting home was quite a sight, prompting people to stop, watch and laugh as she walked by.

Kayaking was also a favorite pastime Heidi and her Mom, Trish, enjoyed. They kayaked often in the Intracoastal Waterway, where Heidi was master navigator and earned her nickname of “Captain of the Kayak”.

Everyone loved Heidi and, in turn, she loved everyone—-people and animals alike. Recently adopted dogs and cats who were having trouble adjusting to their new homes, opened up to Heidi. She instinctively knew how to draw these animals out of their shells and how to help acclimate them to their new families.

Best friends and co-founders, Heidi and Trish launched The Bow Wow Luau & The Cat’s Meow®, to help homeless and abused dogs and cats. Since its founding, their foundation has raised over $62,346.00 to help animals in desperate need of love and care.

To honor Heidi, the co-founder and CEO of The Bow Wow Luau & The Cat’s Meow®, Trish founded Heidi’s Hope for Homeless Animals, Inc., a North Carolina non-profit 501(c)3 corporation to continue Heidi’s goal of helping homeless and abused dogs and cats.

Heidi will forever be greatly missed, but her life will forever be a legacy of love for thousands of dogs and cats in desperate need... Heidi would want it that way!

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